Director:  Mark Ashcraft, Ph. D.

Mark Ashcraft investigates issues in mathematical cognition, asking questions such as "What do people know about numbers, arithmetic, and math?" and "How do we learn math?" His research examines the mental processes that people use to solve math problems, from answering basic facts (e. g., 2 + 3 = ?) to more complex problems that include procedures such as carrying or borrowing (e. g., 231 - 178 = ?). To examine the development of these skills and abilities, his research includes school-age children, adolescents, and adults. A second, related area of his research investigates how math skills and attitudes influence those mental processes. Specifically, he examines the influence of motivation, experience, and anxiety on math performance (e. g., Do math anxious individuals not learn as efficiently, or are their difficulties limited to performance situations?). In addition to these topics, another research interest of Dr. Ashcraft is in the area of federal regulation of human subjects research.

Dr. Ashcraft's 1975 Ph.D. is in cognitive psychology from the University of Kansas.

Current Graduate Students

Gabriel Allred, M.A.


Gabriel's master's research examined the relationships between executive function, numeracy, and phenomena within the domain of embodied cognition.  During his time at UNLV, Gabriel has applied his research skills in positions with the Nevada Institute for Children’s Research & Policy, and as a Repperger Research Scholar in the 711th Human Performance Wing at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  His doctoral research is exploring classic findings within the field of behavioral economics and their relationship to numeracy skills and executive function.




Krystal Kamekona


AmyJane McAuley, M.A.

Amy is interested in how math anxiety affects women and the physiological components associated with math anxiety. In the future she plans to expand this work with pupilometry tasks.





Recent Graduates

Alex Moore, Ph. D.

Nathan Rudig, M.A.

Sarah Salas, M.A.

Lab Manager

Krystal Kamekona